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Meet your new guardian angel

Protection dogs for sale

What makes our dogs EXCLUSIVE?

We raise and train our dogs from puppies in our personal home.  We know each one of our dogs from the time they are 6 weeks old till they go to their new families.  This allows us to help pick the perfect match for your family.  We don't have hundreds of dogs in a kennel environment.  We do 4 to 5 dogs a year to ensure the best possible training for each individual personal protection dog.  


Affordable family personal PROTECTION DOGS for sale

Green to gold


What is GREEN to GOLD?

Our Green to Gold program allows you to purchase a puppy, either from our reputable breeding program or another trusted breeder, and make monthly payments till your exclusive protection dog is finished.  This can dramatically reduce the overall price for a family personal protection dog by thousands of dollars. Another added benefit is this allows us to customize the dog to your particular needs and wants.  

If you are interested in this program, please give Tommy a call at 859-229-7451.  He will be happy to go over the details and costs.  

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