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Petra Von Silny Domoci

German Shepherd

Price  $15,000.00
D. O. B. December 1, 2021


Petra is an absolute stunner.  This Beautiful dark sable German Shepherd is the pick of the litter female.  She loves to work.  Always wanting to learn and please.  Playing ball and tug of war are her favorite things to do.

Petra is finishing up her protection training and will be a top notch family protector once she finishes.  This is a stable confident guardian that has a great on off switch.  One minute she can be fierce and the next she can be cuddling with the kids.  Don't let this one get away.  Not many like her in looks and brains.


Give us a call and see if he is the right dog for you. 

Ask for Tommy 859-229-7451

This channel is coming soon!
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