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Jinx Von Silny Domoci

German Shepherd

Price  $27,000.00
D. O. B. August 24, 2017


Jinx is the pick of the litter female.  She is eager to learn and loves to work.  Playing ball and tug of war are her favorite things to do.  This is a top notch family protector.

Jinx has traveled the nation already.  She loves going for a ride in the SUV and loves showing off as she walks through the mall.  Her manners are perfect but the defense of her family is unmatched.  She will let you know if something does not look or feel right.  Kids are her favorite to snuggle with.  Super happy personality that loves to please.  


Give us a call and see if he is the right dog for you. 

Ask for Tommy 859-229-7451