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Phoenix Von Silny Domoci

German Shepherd

Price  $20,000.00
D. O. B. December 1, 2021


Phoenix is the class clown with a serious side.  This young sable German Shepherd is always looking to play ball, do tricks or enjoy some much wanted pets.  Phoenix loves kids and has never met a stranger.  This is truly a well balanced protector.  

Phoenix is still learning and will be finished soon.  With his fun playful side also comes a more focused no nonsense side.  Once that side is Unleashed, bad guys beware.  Phoenix is naturally intimidating with his big size.  This beautiful protection dog travels great, loves kids and is very clean.  This is an outstanding family protector. 

Give us a call and see if Phoenix is the right dog for you. 

Ask for Tommy 859-229-7451

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