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Young kids and their family personal protection dog, K9 Unleashed, German Shepherd

Protect Your Family

Get an exclusive Family Personal Protection dog
and have peace of mind

Don't Be A Victim

Stop Feeling Unsafe

Don't be a Statistic

Stop living in fear

Police Cars with red and blue lights

Refuse to be a victim

Violent Crime is all around.  It is happening everyday



  • 2,000 children are reported missing everyday


  • 18% are taken from their own home or yard


  • 70% of all assaults occur inside the victims home


  • Last year Households experienced over 3,500,000 burglaries 


  • A burglary happens every 13 seconds in the US


  • 85% of all break-ins are from non-professionals that are usually more desperate and dangerous

Take Back Control with an exclusive Family Protection Dog

We know what it is like to be

worried, alarmed and concerned 

we help families

feel safe and secure

Exclusive Family protection dogs for sale, K9 Unleahed, German Shepherd

How our clients feel

"The best dog I have ever owned.  I take Ike with me everywhere.  We get compliments on how well behaved and beautiful he is.  I feel safe knowing Ike will protect me in any situation."

Marion, USA / Travel Nurse

cell phone picture for call us

Call for a short 20 minute consultation

Belgian Malinois, K9 Unleashed, Kids and family protection dogs

Let us match you with the perfect dog 

K9 Unleashed, run away bite, protection dog for sale

Get the protection you need and deserve

Asia, German Shepherd, K9 Unleashed, guard dog

Everyone is vulnerable to crime, we offer exclusive protection dogs for sale to protect your family

At K9-Unleashed we know that you want your family to be safe from crime. It seems like violent crime is all around us, which makes you feel anxious, worried and unsafe. Take back control. We believe you deserve peace of mind.  Why should you feel worried in your own home or traveling away from your family for business.  We understand what it is like to be worried about your families safety, which is why we train our dogs to protect you and your family.    

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