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Tommy Dillon

Owner / Trainer

Tommy grew up in Winchester, Kentucky and graduated from Flagler University with a degree in Business Administration.  He is a wonderful example of how varied life experiences can be a recipe for a talented trainer who has superb communication skills with dogs and their owners.  


After his apprenticeship in 2000 with one of the worlds most famous trainers, Tommy also worked for PetSmart in 2004 as the top area trainer for central and west Florida.  While at PetSmart, Tommy earned his nationally recognized Certified Professional Dog Training Cerfification (CPDT).  The belief in Tommy's abilities brought him back as the General Manager and Trainer at Protection Dog Sales, a multi-million dollar training/boarding facility.  


Tommy's passion for teaching people how to better communicate with their dogs stems from a long career in coaching.  His teaching experience includes 18 years of coaching college basketball in which he worked for such legends as Billy Donavan (University of Florida), Happy Osborne (Georgetown College), Travis Ford (Eastern Kentucky University) and Eddie Barnes (Tallahassee Community College).  His years as a Head Coach have only enhanced his ability to analyze, break down and teach new behaviors.  For pet owners, this means focusing on dog-friendly training, enrichment, and consistency.  


Tommy has helped train many dogs who went on to achieve AKC obedience and IPO titles.  More importantly, he has helped many struggling dog owners achieve success within their own homes by teaching "manners" that allow for owners and their pet companions to live together in a peaceful environment.  

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