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PUPPY von konig

Personal Protection Dog

K9 Puppy sit, K9 Unleashed
K9 Puppy, Stand Side, K9 Unleashed
K9 Puppy, Down Stay, K9 Unleashed
K9 Puppy, Stand, K9 Unleashed
K9 Puppy, Down side, K9 Unleashed
K9 Puppy, Logo Face, K9 Unleashed

German Shepherd

Price  $20,000.00

DOB November 11, 2016

This ain't no Puppy.  Everything the breed is advertised to be, Puppy is that and more.  This is a brilliant, athletic, confident, tough and most of all loving dog.  To be honest, he is a rare animal.  This balanced dog has all the tools needed to be an UNLEASHED ELITE Family Personal Protection Dog.  

Puppy is a caring animal that always gives you his best.  A true all around companion.  His protective nature has no equal but it would be worthless without his exceptional temperament.  The natural stare gives just the right amount of wariness to those wishing to test the waters and the protective ability will certainly stop any threat that arises.  To have Puppy by your side makes everything better in this crazy topsy-turvy world.  For more information on this outstanding dog, contact Tommy Dillon at 859-229-7451.

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