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JAX Von Silny Domoci



Jax is the pick of the litter male.  You can see the wheels turning as he is thinking everything through.  The beauty abounds with what is a dark sable German Shepherd.  Look no further than this family protector.

Jax has been raised by one of our best puppy raisers.  He travels great in a car or SUV, very social in the right setting, goes to restaurants, loves kids, and loves to play ball.  This is an outstanding dog that will intimidate as well as defend/protect.  Jax is the best of the best and he knows it.


Give us a call and see if he is the right dog for you. 

Ask for Tommy 859-229-7451

German Shepherd

Price  $35,000.00
D. O. B. August 24, 2017
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