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Jada Von Silny Domoci

Personal Protection Dog

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Sold, Indian police DEpt

Dutch Shepherd

Price  $20,000.00

D. O. B. June 15, 2014

A beautiful dog in a nice small powerhouse package.  Watch her videos to see how graceful and powerful she is at the same time.  This is a true athlete.  She is a fun, happy dog that loves to retrieve, play and go places with her family.  She is loyal, willing to please and an easy dog to work with and care for.  

Don't underestimate her good nature and happy demeanor as soft on crime.  She is a pwoerful defender of those that she is attached to and a very confident, safe, protective dog that knows what it is all about.  This girl is not afraid to let it all hang out in defense of her home or family.  Take a look at her videos and you will see her spirit shinning through.  

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