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Unleashed Elite

Ivy Von Silny Domoci

Belgian Malinois

Price  $20,000.00

D. O. B. March 23, 2018



Ivy is top notch.  Her beauty speaks for itself and her bravery is unmatched.  You can keep looking but you won't find better.

Ivy loves to cuddle, go for walks, and play fetch.  She was raised in a loving home with lots of activity happening all around.  Kids and dogs are no problem for her.  She travels great and loves showing off out in public.

When the bad guy decides to act a fool, Ivy will do way more than just warn, she will be happy to show him or her just what she is made of.  


Give us a call and see if she is the right dog for you. 

Ask for Tommy 859-229-7451

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