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graham Von Silny Domoci

Personal Protection Dog

Graham Face Pic
Graham Down Stay
Graham Sit Stay
Graham GTB Straight
Graham GTB Side

German Shepherd

Price  $25,000.00

2 YR Old

Graham has it all and it is all wrapped up in a beautiful body.  All of this beauty is equally matched by his winning, happy personality and powerful protective ability.  This dog is a force when needed, a playmate when desired and invisible in the home when asked.  He was puppy trained and raised by an Indiana police officer.  Graham has been imprinted in drug detection and can serve as a duel purpose dog if needed.  


Graham loves to play ball or just fetch a stick.  He travels perfectly and is never a cause for concern unless you happen to be a bad guy looking for trouble, then he is happy to oblige.  His power is matched by his control and that is where the value is.  Give us a call and let us see if Graham is the right dog for you and your family.

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