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FeONIX Von Silny Domoci

Personal Protection Dog

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Feonix Brindle Dutch Shephard
Feonix working dog K9
Feonix family protection dog
Feonix Protection Dog Sales
Sold, Headed to North Carolina
Dutch Shepherd
Price  $20,000.00
D. O. B. February 4, 2017

Feonix is one handsome boy.  This young Brindle Dutch Shepherd loves to be petted, cuddle, and give affection.  He is comfortable just hanging out or playing a nice game of fetch.  Our puppy raiser has done a great job of balancing play and down time.  Of course this is only possible because of how smart Feonix is.  What ever we ask of him he does.  Jump up on step stools, walk across a high platform, go up an escalator, you name it he will do it.  


This confidence shows through when we challenge him in our puppy bite training.  He excels at his favorite game.  Never backing down from a challenge and always trying to make the bad guy run away.  Feonix is going to be the ultimate when it comes to family / personal protection.  Let us build exactly what you want with this great young puppy.  Give us a call and lets put Feonix into our Green to Gold program for you.  

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