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Ezekeil Von Silny Domoci

Personal Protection Dog

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Dutch Shepherd

Price  $25,000.00

D. O. B. August 25, 2016


A brindle beauty.  Not only is this young Dutch Shepherd stunning to look at, he has the personality to go along with it.  Zeke is a very balanced dog having been raised in one of our puppy homes since 8 weeks of age.  He is great with kids, clam in crowds, and rides nicely in a car.  This dog has the total package and then some.  


Zeke is not to be underestimated just because he looks good.  This dog has a loyalty to his family and will give his life to protect them.  There is no fear in Zeke when it comes to defending his family.  What is even more enjoyable than watching Zeke keep his loved ones safe is that he can go anywhere they go.  He loves to hang with the crowd and will even show off with a trick or two.  This boy is the life of the party when he starts showing off.   

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