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Vickie grew up in Kentucky surrounded by a loving family and great friends.  She graduated from Eastern kentucky University with a degree in Sociology.  A constant hard worker, Vickie graduated with a 3.6 GPA.  The hard work she put into education is only matched by her hard work in canine training.  


While Vickie will not admit it, she is one great trainer.  She took her German Shepherd, Dixie, and titled her at nine months of age, beating out Tommy and his companion by crushing him twice and placing first.  Vickie has continued working hard at learning new ways of training and has a very eclectic style.  Her belief is in short intermittent sessions anywhere and everywhere.  


Vickies main specialty is in our boarding school training program.  She loves to have the dogs visit and learn the basic manners that the pet owners endeavor to have.  Vickie also admits that she has used her training skills on her husband, without his knowledge (of course).  Her philosophy is "make it fun" so that they do not know they are being "trained". 

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