"Gauge" von Branch

German Shepherd

Price: $40,000

DOB: February 23, 2011

Here is the BEST OF THE BEST  


If you want a top of the line protection dog then look no further.  Gauge is one tough son of a gun.  Not only is he stunning to look at, his size will intimidate any one on the other side having to face him.  This dog is a force when needed, a playmate when desired and invisible in the house when asked.  His unbelievable protection work is only matched by his impeccable obedience and his outstanding manners.  


Gauge has been raised in a home around children, is crate trained and extremely lovable.  He is always up for a good game of fetch or just hanging out getting petted.  He travels great and is never a concern unless you are a bad guy looking for trouble, then he is certainly happy to oblige.  He is power under control and his price reflects that.  Want to know more, give Tommy a call to discuss you having the best of the best.


"Leo" von Silny Domoci

Cane Corso

Price: $10,000

DOB: November 14, 2013

SOLD. Headed to Berea, Kentucky.


We just cannot sing Leo's praises enough.  This young Cane Corso male has everything you could want in a first class personal/family protection dog. He is super fun, very loving, extremely happy, willing to please, and amazingly smart. He has had outstanding early puppy training, socialization and development.  He continued quickly through basic on leash obedience and off leash advanced obedience.  His pleasing, brave, outgoing temperment as well as a go, go, go attitude just make you fall in love quickly with this guy.  Leo is simply a character.  


Leo has tons of personality and is a joy to work with. There is no slacking in this one, he knows when it is time to play and when it is time to work.  There simply is no "back down" in him.  Leo has traveled extensively, rides perfectly, loves other dogs as well as small pets and is great with children.  We just cannot say enough about his wonderful temperment and breeding.  Bad guys beware or you will find yourself on the wrong end of this equation. Call Tommy today if you want to learn more about this wonderful young guy.


"Zoey" von Silny Domoci

Belgian Malinois

Price: $5,000

Date of Birth: June 27, 2014

SOLD and boy did you miss a good one.

Headed to Florence, Kentucky.


Zoey is exactly what we were looking for when we went to check out this litter.  This pick of the litter puppy is not only beautiful but also has tons of drive, is super inteligent, and has energy for days.  The mother of this outstanding dog is owned and handled by a DEA agent and is one tough cookie.  The Sire is a working police dog.  Put those two outstanding working dogs together and you get ZOEY.  


This young dog has been home raised and exposed to many different enviornments.  She travels great, super clean but most importantly she is tough.  At 10 weeks old she was trying to bite the full adult sleeve.  The puppy sleeve was nothing for her.  Zoey's early training is outstanding.  She is a shining star and will mature into an outstanding protection dog.  Give us a call if you think Zoey has what it takes to fit your needs.  Ask us about our continuing education and training so you get everything you want out of this outstanding young dog.


"Gabby" von Prufenpuden

German Shepherd

Price: $10,000

Date of Birth: June 5, 2013




Beautiful, stunning and loyal describes Gabby to a tee.  She is ready for her forever family and wants so badly to have a constant companion.  Don't be fooled by her loving demeanor, she is just as fierce when it comes to protecting those she cares about and will just keep getting better as she ages.  


Gabby was family raised around children and all sorts of animals.  From cats, cows and horses to guinea pigs and rabbits.  She has great on leash basic obedience training and is moving towards our advanced off leash training now.  She is a super clean dog that loves to travel.  Give Gabby a try, I think you will be super impressed to have this loving dog by your side.  She will be a your friend for life.  Give Tommy a call  for more information.


"Ghost" von Silny Domoci

German Shepherd

Price: $7,000

Date of Birth: March 23, 2014



Oops, he did not last long. Better luck on the next one.


Keep an eye on this uniquely colored blue GSD. There is a superstar inside this guy ready to come out. He has the early training and development to really be a special dog. Simply put, he needs his forever home and we want yours to be just that. Ghost is a super fun puppy with that is eager to please and fun to train. He has solid obedience skills and nice drives. Rides perfect, crates perfect, and is fine with small dogs and cats.


Ghost has had great early training and development.  What he needs now is some one on one time with a person dedicated to helping him reach his potential.  He certainly is not shy at all. He enjoys people while getting out and about.  He is clean natured, wants to please and has an intelligent spark that is easy to see when you watch his videos.  Give this guy a try and you will be pleasantly surprised as he matures and shows his true colors.


Call for more info on this great unique puppy and ask for Tommy


"Zyrus" von Silny Domoci

German Shepherd




Zyrus is just a beauty to look at.  She had a wonderful early puppy life, growing up in a wonderful attentive home.  She was showered with love and tons of affection.  Add into that some great training from day one and there is no wonder why she has blossomed into a super lovable, obedient, wonderful dog that loves to work and please.  Those pretty looks go great with her lovable personality.  Zyrus knows many cool tricks and is just so fun.  


We are happy she has found her family and boy did that happen quick.  We will be continue to train her and teach her as she grows.


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