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Unleashed Exclusive

Fiona Von Silny Domoci

Personal Protection Dog

Fiona personal protection dog
Fiona K9 Unleashed
Fiona Working Dog
Fiona Canine Unleashed
Dutch Shepherd
Price  $4,000.00
D. O. B. February 4, 2017

This is one tough little girl.  Fiona von Silny Domoci is all that and a bag a chips.  She is the perfect dog for our Green to Gold Program.  This black Dutch Shepherd is extremely smart.  Learning everything we can throw at her.  She will do the basics but that is not good enough for her.  She rolls over, sits up, barks on command, waves, crawls, and so much more.  


However, the real fun is when she does her protection training.  Fiona is a beast when it comes to her puppy protection work.  Fiona and her brother are the top of the class when it comes to what we look for in personal protection puppies.  She has the drive, courage, and intelligence to accomplish what ever we put in front of her.  Give K9 Unleashed a call if you want to know more about Fiona.  This little girl won't last long.

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